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Understanding the factors influencing the Aboriginal health care experience

Vol. 52 No. 3

Canadian Journal of Dental Hygiene (CJDH)

Welcome to the new online home of the Canadian Journal of Dental Hygiene! This dedicated website offers our global audience easy access to all articles published since 2005, as well as to general information about the journal, its policies, and its manuscript submission procedures.

The Canadian Journal of Dental Hygiene (CJDH), established in 1966, is the peer-reviewed research journal of the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association. Published in February (electronic-only issue), June, and October, CJDH welcomes submissions in English and French on topics of relevance to dental hygiene practice, education, policy, and theory.

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Current Issue

2021 - Volume 55

June (Vol. 55 No. 2)

Original Research
Literature Review


Vaccine hesitancy: Root causes and possible solutions

Salme E Lavigne, PhD, RDH | Can J Dent Hyg 2021;55(2): 79-82

Original Research

Effects of an oral hygiene regimen on progression of gingivitis/early periodontitis: A randomized controlled trial

Avraham Zini, DMD, MPH, PhD; Sigal Mazor, MPH, DMD; Hans Timm, PhD; Matthew L Barker, PhD; Julie M Grender, PhD; Robert W Gerlach, DDS, MPH; Aaron R Biesbrock, DMD, PhD, MS | Can J Dent Hyg 2021;55(2): 85-94

Admission criteria for Canadian dental hygiene programs

Mahnoor Shahab, BScDH; Sharon M Compton, PhD; Ava K Chow, PhD | Can J Dent Hyg 2021;55(2): 95-100

Evaluation of the isoscelesconfigured SUN TeethTM toothbrush in dental plaque removal and gingival health

Padmini Hari, MDS; Sulagna Dutta, PhD; Nur Sulwana Binti Mohamad Hanapi, MSc; Tara Bai Taiyeb Ali, MSc; Betsy Thomas, MDS; Thean-Hock Tang, PhD; Ashfaq Akram, PhD | Can J Dent Hyg 2021;55(2): 101-109

Literature Review

Are dental hygienists at risk for noise-induced hearing loss? A literature review

Kelsey Henneberry, BDH, RDH; Shannon Hilland, BDH, RDH; S Kimberly Haslam, BA, MEd, RDH | Can J Dent Hyg 2021;55(2): 110-119

Exploring access in a volunteer free-service dental clinic

Maria G Kallal, BSc, RDH; Sharon M Compton, PhD, RDH; Arlynn R Brodie, MHS, RDH; Breanne L Moran, BSc RDH; Minn N Yoon, PhD | Can J Dent Hyg 2021;55(2): 120-123