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Flowcharts improve periodontal diagnosis by dental and dental hygiene students

Vol. 55 No. 3

(October 2023–January 2024)

Canadian Journal of Dental Hygiene (CJDH)

Welcome to the online home of the Canadian Journal of Dental Hygiene! This dedicated website offers our global audience easy access to all articles published since 2005, as well as to general information about the journal, its policies, and its manuscript submission procedures.

The Canadian Journal of Dental Hygiene (CJDH), established in 1966, is the peer-reviewed research journal of the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association. Published online in February, June, and October, CJDH welcomes submissions in English and French on topics of relevance to dental hygiene practice, education, policy, and theory.

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Current Issue

2024 - Volume 58

February (Vol. 58 No. 1)

Original Research
Literature Review
Position Paper
Short Communication
Letters to the Editor


IFDH white paper highlights findings from 5 global surveys

Salme E Lavigne, PhD, RDH | Can J Dent Hyg 2024;58(1): 3-6

Original Research

Barriers to pursuing further education among Canadian dental hygienists: a qualitative exploration

Shivalika Katyal MSc, DHP(C); Denise M Laronde PhD, DHP(C); Jolanta Aleksejuniene PhD, DDS; Sharon M Compton PhD, RDH; Zul Kanji EdD, DHP(C) | Can J Dent Hyg 2024;58(1): 9-18

The use of panoramic radiographs to address the oral health needs of vulnerable Canadian populations

Fabiana T Almeida, DDS, MSc, PhD; Silvia Gianoni-Capenakas, DDS, MSc; Heidi Rabie, DMD; Rafael Figueiredo, DDS, MSc, FRCDC; Camila Pacheco-Pereira, DDS, MSc, PhD, OMFR, FRCDC | Can J Dent Hyg 2024;58(1): 19-25

Integrating community service-learning into a dental hygiene curriculum: a document analysis

Kimi Khabra, MSc(DH); Sharon M Compton, PhD, RDH | Can J Dent Hyg 2024;58(1): 26-33

Literature Review

Canadian immigrants’ oral health and oral health care providers’ cultural competence capacity

Lindsay Van Dam, BA, MHS, RDH; Elizabet Diab, BDH, RDH; Jennifer Johnson, BDH, RDH | Can J Dent Hyg 2024;58(1): 34-47

Position Paper

Aerosol-generating procedures and associated control/mitigation measures: Position paper from the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association and the American Dental Hygienists’ Association

Abdulrahman Ghoneim, BDS, RDH, MSc, FRCD(C); Diego Proaño, BDS, MSc; Harpinder Kaur, BDS, MHPA, MSc; Sonica Singhal, BDS, MPH, MSc, PhD, FRCD(C) | Can J Dent Hyg 2024;58(1): 48-63

Supplementary Table S1
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Supplementary Table S6

Short Communication

Recurrence of exostosis as a result of medication-induced bruxism: case study

Titas Roy, BDS; Jennifer S Sherry, EdD, RDH | Can J Dent Hyg 2024;58(1): 64-67

Letters to the Editor

Recognizing Iran’s pioneering rural dental hygienist program (1981–1991)

Shahrokh Gheisari, RDH, DDS, MPH | Can J Dent Hyg 2024;58(1): 69